Celebrating Holidays With Pets: What You Need To Know

There’s something special about a holiday season spent in the Fort Worth Area. Whether you attend The Nutcracker at the Texas Ballet Theater, bring the kids to see Santa at Sundance Square, or take in the sights at this years ICE! Exhibit, there’s something for everyone in our little corner of the world.

Our pets, on the other hand, most likely have a much different holiday experience than we do. Many of our seasonal delights can be downright dangerous for the four legged members of our families, and celebrating the holidays with pets means keeping an eye on safety.


A Veterinarian’s Guide to Holiday Pet Safety

holiday pet safetyAs we approach the holiday season, we’d love to tell you to celebrate with abandon, throw all caution to the wind, and embrace spontaneity. With pets in tow, it’s not always easy – or particularly safe – to put their needs on the backburner. However, what if you could wholeheartedly enjoy the season without compromising your pet’s well being? It’s not only possible, but holiday pet safety includes tactics that easily integrate into your family’s events and gatherings.

Up Go the Garlands

Festive decor turns any home into a holiday wonderland, but try to see garlands, wreaths, light strings, and other decorations from your pet’s point of view. Small parts that can either fall off or be chewed on can result in choking or gastrointestinal obstruction. Likewise, anything that’s stretched out low to the ground (or on top of a surface) can present entanglement issues.


The Perfect Match: Choosing A Veterinarian That’s Right For Your Pet

veterinarianThese days, choosing a veterinarian for your pet is just as important as finding a good doctor, dentist, or specialist for your human family members. Whether you’ve recently moved, adopted a new fur friend, or are interested in changing veterinary clinics, there are certain things a concerned pet owner should be on the lookout for when it comes to finding the best healthcare for their animal companion.

Ask Around

People you trust and who value the health and wellness of their animal companions are a wonderful resource when it comes to choosing a veterinarian. Ask friends, neighbors, and coworkers before you check online reviews (although those can be helpful too!).


Core Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

pet vaccinationBack to school season is a good time to ponder the need for checkups and immunizations –  and not just for our kids, but our furry friends, too. But Heathcliff seems perfectly healthy… So, you think, maybe you can skip the core vaccines this year..?

But maybe not.

At your pet’s wellness examination we gain insight into your pet’s specific health needs – whether that be a diagnostic screening designed to catch an impending issue before it come to a head or a booster vaccine that will protect your pet against illness. Even if your fur-friend seems to be fine, wellness exams are vital to the lifelong health and wellbeing of your best pal.


What’s the Deal With Pet Wellness Exams?

pet welllnessIt may seem like an oxymoron to bring your pet to the hospital when he or she is healthy, but without preventive care, the bedrock of overall wellness is at risk. Certainly, when there aren’t any pervasive signs of illness of injury, routine pet wellness exams get the backburner. However, they’re essential to give us the opportunity to address developing problems before they get out of hand.

Why Pet Wellness Matters

Cats and dogs should be seen at least once a year until they reach about 7 years of age. At that point, they’re considered seniors, and due to common age-related illnesses, two visits per year are strongly recommended.


When Things Go Awry: Recognizing a Pet Emergency

pet emergencyWe are proud to offer a full menu of veterinary services, but when minutes matter in the life of a suffering animal, emergency care becomes very important. It can definitely be argued that routine wellness checks, dental exams, and disease prevention greatly reduce health risks, but a pet emergency can seemingly erupt out of the blue. Accidental injury or exposure to toxins happen quickly; other incidents requiring urgent care can develop undetected for some time.

Whatever the case may be, pet owners want to be in the know.



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An Interesting Place to Find a Cat.

“Lola” was found as a stray in the garden department of a local Lowes Hardware. (Get it? Lola/Lowes?) She wouldn’t let any of the staff get close to her, and she hid among the lumber and fencing. Our client first saw her way way up on top of a stack of lumber. She convinced Lowes to let her come each night and set a humane trap. On the second night, Lola couldn’t resist the Fancy Feast inside the trap. The plan was to tame her, foster her and find a home for her. “Lola”, however, decided that she had found her home. Dr. McNeal got to do “Lola’s” first exam and vaccinations this afternoon.