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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

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Listing of Candles

604 lit candles

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   For dsxghrimnl  ~Lit by~ WOlxvbxHryPC

   For Sasha  ~Lit by~ Daphne, Vista, Johnnie, Marsha.. we miss you Sasha

   For Mya  ~Lit by~ Patti Mark

   For Mya  ~Lit by~ Patti Mark & The Boys

   For rigger  ~Lit by~ shelby

   For Coco  ~Lit by~ Natasha, Craig, and Orion

   For Louie  ~Lit by~ Abbey

   For Freckles  ~Lit by~ Susie

   For Vanna  ~Lit by~ Robyn

   For Sombra  ~Lit by~ Delia

   For Fifí  ~Lit by~ Delia

   For Abby  ~Lit by~ Julissa <3

   For Chloe  ~Lit by~ Monica with love

   For Chloe  ~Lit by~ Monica

   For Molly   ~Lit by~ Ms Bene

   For Hektor  ~Lit by~ Cheri, Guy and David with love

   For Tucker  ~Lit by~ Kevin, Jackie, Jack, and Issabel

   For Leo  ~Lit by~ Lauryn and Kerry

   For Dixie  ~Lit by~ J. Troutz

   For Issabel  ~Lit by~ Jacqueline

   For Ranger   ~Lit by~ Missy

   For Laci  ~Lit by~ Dr Young

   For Rosco P. Coletrane  ~Lit by~ Dadddy Momma, Honey Bear & Elvis

   For Faye  ~Lit by~ Julie, Frank, Vanessa & Lauren

   For Faye  ~Lit by~ Julie, Frank, Vanessa & Lauren

   For Sully  ~Lit by~ Julie, Feank, Vanessa and Lauren

   For Gizmo  ~Lit by~ Lauren Robertson

   For Chanel  ~Lit by~ Laura Grubb

   For callie  ~Lit by~ An angel

   For Chanel  ~Lit by~ Laura and Andy, We love you very much sweet girl

   For Chanel  ~Lit by~ Malea, Laura, Andy

   For Raider  ~Lit by~ Mommy—Missing my sweet boy today and always.

   For Daisy   ~Lit by~ The Taube family with love

   For Brandi  ~Lit by~ Dawn and Marshall

   For Russell  ~Lit by~ Jacqueline and Issabel

   For Luka  ~Lit by~ Jackie, Bruno, Gabby and Juju with love

   For Cher  ~Lit by~ Tessa and Marshall Mosley

   For Rosco P. Coltrane  ~Lit by~ Momma and Daddy

   For Indy  ~Lit by~ Tim

   For Heidi  ~Lit by~ Carolyn Latham , I have a difficult decision to endure, what a beautiful dog ,

   For Minnie Me  ~Lit by~ Minnie's mom, You'll always be my little hero

   For Rocky  ~Lit by~ Vaughn & Connie Schlegel

   For Snuffles  ~Lit by~ maria & Mario with love

   For Emma  ~Lit by~ Michael, Courtney, Wyatt and all the lives she touched

   For Tilly Drost  ~Lit by~ The Sanders

   For Tilly  ~Lit by~ Susan Sanders

   For matt  ~Lit by~ NY

   For Brandi  ~Lit by~ Donna morton

   For Haley Belle  ~Lit by~ Mommy, Daddy, Sisters & Bubba, we love and miss you always

   For Vice  ~Lit by~ You brought your family such joy. Love, Your Sister-Mom

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