Support After the Loss of a Pet

Like any other stage, the end of your pet’s life is a very important time. We will spend as much time as you need talking about your pet’s quality of life and the decisions that must be made. Our veterinarians and staff will do everything possible to keep your pet comfortable and you may choose to be with him or her if you decide on humane euthanasia.

Compassion at the End of Your Pet’s Life

The veterinarians at Harris Parkway will give you time to make thoughtful decisions and a chance to say goodbye. We are always attentive to your needs and respect your wishes. This experience will be as peaceful as we can make it for both you and your pet. When the time is right, we can provide humane euthanasia, during which you can choose to be present or not.

Even though this can be a difficult time, our staff will help you celebrate the life of your pet. We know that losing a pet can be like losing a beloved member of the family. Referrals to top-notch bereavement counseling are available.

Pet Loss Resources and Support

Pet loss is a difficult experience and losing your beloved pet can be like losing a member of your family. Harris Parkway Animal Hospital’s staff appreciates your need for compassion at this time of change and transition. We sincerely hope that these pages are helpful and comforting to you: