pet vaccinationBack to school season is a good time to ponder the need for checkups and immunizations –  and not just for our kids, but our furry friends, too. But Heathcliff seems perfectly healthy… So, you think, maybe you can skip the core vaccines this year..?

But maybe not.

At your pet’s wellness examination we gain insight into your pet’s specific health needs – whether that be a diagnostic screening designed to catch an impending issue before it come to a head or a booster vaccine that will protect your pet against illness. Even if your fur-friend seems to be fine, wellness exams are vital to the lifelong health and wellbeing of your best pal.

Core Vaccines for Dogs

Dogs are one of the most social animals out there. While this is great when it comes to fun and frolicking, this social inclination can increase their exposure to multiple illnesses.

At Harris Parkway Animal Hospital, we observe AAHA-recommended core vaccines as well as those that can protect against risks presented in certain lifestyles like:

  • Distemper
  • Parvovirus
  • Rabies (required by law for all dogs)
  • Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • Hepatitis
  • Adenovirus

Along with these recommended vaccines, we create a personal immunization plan for the pet patient in question. For example, some dogs spend quite a bit of time outdoors and may benefit from being vaccinated against Lyme disease and leptospirosis (which can be transmissible to humans).

After the canine influenza virus (CIV) outbreak in 2015, we may also recommend that your dog be vaccinated again CIV – particularly if you plan on boarding your dog, traveling to areas where the outbreaks have been more prevalent, or if you frequent doggie daycares, grooming facilities, and dog parks.

Core Vaccines for Cats

Unfortunately, due to their travel-averse nature, many cats go without their needed vaccinations. However, feline vaccinations are just as important as canine vaccinations, and should be prioritized as such, despite the possible yowling.

Depending on your cat’s needs, the typical core vaccine schedule for cats includes:

  • Distemper (respiratory diseases)
  • Feline leukemia
  • Rabies

Throughout the life of your feline friend, we are glad to suggest the best and most effective course of vaccinations that takes into account your cat’s lifestyle and needs.

Give Your Pet a Boost

In addition to administering the first rounds of core vaccines, it’s also important that you adhere to consistency when it comes booster shots. The efficacy of most vaccinations can wear off over time, so keeping these vaccines current is equally as important as getting them in the first place.

If you would like to discuss the need for pet vaccinations in more depth or you want to schedule an appointment for your pet, please call us.