Halloween pet safety will keep your pets having Halloween fun

One of our primary duties as pet owners is protecting our companions from danger. Pet-proofing our homes and yards, using only pet-safe cleaning products, and otherwise eliminating household risks represent just the tip of the iceberg. When a holiday pops up, there’s always some additional legwork required. Fortunately, with our guide to Halloween pet safety, you and your best friend have nothing to worry about!


All cats and dogs benefit from having a microchip year round, but during Halloween, separations and escapes are much more common. ID tags and reflective collars are great additions to enhance Halloween pet safety.

Owners of black cats should be especially vigilant this time of year. These pets should remain inside as much as possible to reduce threats from pranksters.


Animals can become quite anxious around Halloween, triggering a powerful fight or flight response. Like we mentioned earlier, escapes are common during the holiday, but animals may also hide when they’re afraid. With the constant ringing of the doorbell and all the strangers and loud noises, some pets just can’t take it. If this is the case, set up a separate room for your pet away from all the chaos. Provide comfy bedding, treats, toys, and water, and check on them frequently throughout the night.  

If your pet’s stress and anxiety is extreme, simply put a treat bowl out front, shut off your house lights, and snuggle up with your best friend until the night is over.


As many pet owners know, all the delicious treats we find irresistible aren’t safe for our animal companions. Aside from its high sugar content, Halloween candy is predominantly chocolate, making chocolate toxicity a very real threat. Remember, the darker the chocolate, the more severe the poisoning.

Xylitol, a popular sugar substitute found in gum, mints, and baked goods, should also be strictly “paws off.” Keep in mind that candy wrappers and lollipop sticks can result in painful gastrointestinal obstruction and choking, as well.

When it comes to Halloween pet safety, the rule of thumb is to keep all candy (and wrappers/other trash) away from your pet at all times to prevent a pet emergency.


Many pets tolerate being dressed up for Halloween. Others, not so much. While you can certainly try for the perfect photo op, it’s important to remove your pet’s costume immediately if they show any signs of distress. Also ensure that costumes do not restrict vision, movement, or hearing, and they shouldn’t pose any risks of entanglement, choking, or strangulation.

Halloween Pet Safety

Light up or animatronic displays can be scary to pets, and all the cords and batteries can be dangerous. Discourage your pet from poking around any decorations they may encounter outside.

Glow sticks can be toxic if eaten, but other lights are equally problematic. Lit jack-o’- lanterns can lead to house fires, burned whiskers, and more. LED tea lights provide the same effect and are much safer.

By keeping these Halloween pet safety measures in mind, the holiday can be both safe and fun for everyone involved. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!