A recent study conducted by the University of Florida found that using a therapeutic laser on dogs suffering from paralysis, caused by Intervertebral disc disease, helps them recover more rapidly from surgery when compared to dogs not treated with a laser.

Researchers used a class 3B laser (hey that’s what we use at the clinic) to treat 17 post-op dogs in a year-long study, and compared the results to 17 control dogs. “We found that dogs receiving laser therapy were walking a full week before the patients that didn’t receive the treatments,” reported Dr. Tom Shubert, who is a professor of small animal neurology at UF’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

At Harris Parkway Animal Hospital, we been using our class 3B laser for two years to treat some of the following conditions
1. Disc injuries
2. Acute or chronic joint pain
3. Chronic non-healing wounds
4. Chronic non-healing wounds
5. Post-surgical pain
6. Bone fractures
7. Muscle strains and tendons
8. Tendon and Ligament injuries

As one of the modalities that we use in our rehabilitation practice (Ft Worth Animal Rehabilitation), laser therapy has proven to be very successful in treating inflammatory and painful problems.

Laser therapy