We have begun to see more and more patients covered by pet insurance. The more insurance companies that appear, the more difficult it is know which company best fits your pet’s needs. Here are a few questions to ask potential companies.

1. Which of their policies are available in your state?

2. Are the policies and information provided reasonably
easy to understand? Are the people you talk to
knowledgeable and helpful?

3. What happens to coverage and premiums as your
pet gets older?

4. Are there any reasons you wouldn’t be able to
renew your policy?

5. What kinds of care are excluded or limited? Are
congenital or hereditary diseases covered? What
about cancer? Is dental care covered?

6. Are conditions diagnosed within one year
excluded as preexisting conditions the next?

7. Are benefits available for wellness or preventive
care for your pet?

8. Can you choose a deductible? Can you change
the deductible from year to year? Is the deductible
annual or is it applied to each medical incident?

9. Are the waiting periods before coverage begins

10. Is there a maximum age for enrollment?

11. Are there limits per incident, per year, per

12. Is a physical examination required for enrollment
or renewal?

13. How quickly are claims processed and paid?

Be sure to visit several company websites. They should be straight forward and easy to follow. Be sure that you understand how they can help you care for your pets.